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De Cesaris is a small cattery breeding european burmese cats, we are based in the central Moravia, in the fertile land region of Haná. Foundation cats for our breeding are two imports from Sweden, brown male Stjärnviks Iziboy, brown female Alchymist's Iris Swazi Princess and lilac tortie Pardofelis Ivana Trump.

What's our reason to breed burmese? It's their friendly temper and strong relationship they make with men. We want to live together with our cats and not just live alongside each other. Burmese are talkative cats, they like to assist at whatever you do and take make use of every single minute to enjoy your attention and love they are given. It's a natural breed with characteristic look, wonderful warm colour and coat.

We would like to specialise in growing brown tortie and red kittens in coming years. We are also members of Purebred Burmese Cats Alliance that is trying hard to preserve burmese as we know it, they are fighting efforts of some cat fanciers organisations (such as WCF) that acknowledges other colours variets, which could lead to suppression of wonderful burmese warm colours.

We have only european burmese in our breeding. Our vision of the perfect burmese does not match current trends and what judges like. It is not our intention to breed burmese with extremely short muzzle and world's roundest head. We like very much british burmese type and we think these are the most beautiful burmese in the whole wide world.

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We don't change our breeding queens and studs often and want to keep our breeding small that's why we have to choose very carefully cats we will use in our breeding. Our chosen burmese become our friends for life and we want to give them nice, homey and safe home.

We have brown male Cortez the Killer and lilac tortie female Faith de Cesaris, these are descedent of our foundation cats. Their lovely temperament is well known and they show it at every show where they draw lot of attention to this wonderful breed.

I would like to thank Sara Mitzeus, Hanna Emilsson and Anne Laukka for the trust they gave me with their lines. And I also want to thank Romana Matoušová and Heidi Rosberg for all their usefull advices.


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